Product business
Longking New Land ozone generator using the world's most advanced glass tube double micro-gap high-frequency discharge technology, supporting the ozone generator dedicated high-frequency power supply system to build efficient ozone generator system. Oxygen source ozone generator in the rated conditions (cooling water temperature 25 º C, ozone concentration: 150 g / Nm3), single kilograms of ozone energy consumption ≤ 7.5Kwh / kg · O3, the maximum concentration can be as high as 296g / Nm3. Ozone generator with high efficiency, equipment, small size, stable and reliable performance, the performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.
Longking New Land UV disinfection system using high efficiency and low pressure (medium pressure) UV lamp, supporting high-performance electronic ballast technology, with high integration, high automation and so on. This series of products according to the structure is divided into open, pipeline, according to the type of UV lamp can be divided into: low pressure mercury lamp and medium pressure mercury lamp disinfection system can be applied to municipal sewage, water, water, water reuse, Water and other areas of UV disinfection and ozone, hydrogen peroxide with the advanced field of oxidation process.
The Longking New Land ozone generator system used in the inverter power supply is from the grid from the fixed voltage and frequency values of the sine wave voltage into a fixed amplitude, variable frequency, pulse density variable rectangular wave voltage, and then supply DBD Ozone generation equipment. This series of products include low-power air-cooled inverter, high-power air-cooled inverter and high-power water-cooled inverter.
The Longking New Land ozone generator system used in the application of large-capacity low-power core, low-power wire, high-grade insulation materials, with accurate turns ratio, shape, copper loss and iron loss distribution design, with good high frequency Performance and very low loss of heat, very low impedance, high output efficiency. Transformer capacity: 0.2 ~ 2000kVA, frequency 3000Hz ~ 10kHz.
The Longking New Land Ozone Concentrator uses internationally recognized UV absorption method to measure the ozone concentration, has a unique detection system, modular design, equipped with a variety of world-class detection devices, with good stability, reliability and high accuracy.